The University of Victoria 
           Victoria International Track Classic - 05/07/2013            
Event 16  Women Javelin Throw INTL.
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals
  1 Woodward, Krista             CANADA                60.15m     53.73m
      44.84m  50.77m  45.61m  53.73m  49.51m  47.80m                    
  2 Fraser, Melissa              CANADA                51.33m     49.95m
      45.35m  46.49m  46.96m  47.22m  49.95m  45.79m                    
  3 Kovacs, Alanna               CANADA                50.38m     49.16m
      47.48m  46.49m  49.16m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                          
  4 Zelinka, Deanna              CANADA                49.96m     44.02m
      38.77m  41.74m  44.02m  41.80m  39.71m  FOUL                      
  5 Merritt, Olivia              CANADA                44.25m     40.89m
      33.44m  40.89m  FOUL  FOUL  36.11m  40.16m