The University of Victoria 
           Victoria International Track Classic - 05/07/2013            
Event 15  Men Shot Put NTL
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals
  1 Armstrong, Dylan             CANADA                20.74m     21.09m
      20.50m  20.50m  FOUL  20.59m  21.09m  20.59m                      
  2 Werskey, Eric                USA                   20.13m     19.09m
      FOUL  18.34m  FOUL  FOUL  18.55m  19.09m                          
  3 Nakfar, Amin                 IRAN                  19.08m     18.65m
      FOUL  17.47m  18.21m  FOUL  18.48m  18.65m                        
  4 Esser, Agnes                 CANADA                14.77m     12.69m
      12.25m  12.69m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  12.45m                          
  5 Rodhe, Justin                CANADA                21.29m      1.48m
      1.48m  PASS  PASS  PASS  PASS  PASS