The University of Victoria 
           Victoria International Track Classic - 05/07/2013            
Event 14  Men Javelin Throw INTL.
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals
  1 Jones, Caleb                 CANADA                73.92m     73.56m
      73.56m  72.89m  67.01m  68.15m  FOUL  66.41m                      
  2 Moss, Curtis                 CANADA                76.86m     71.79m
      71.79m  71.09m  71.76m  68.99m  FOUL  67.62m                      
  3 Baird, Jared                 CANADA                67.51m     66.19m
      63.18m  63.34m  61.73m  FOUL  66.19m  64.09m                      
  4 White, Andy                  CANADA                69.77m     63.85m
      62.58m  63.76m  63.85m  60.23m  58.82m  FOUL                      
  5 Kereszti, Mason              CANADA                61.65m     60.88m
      FOUL  56.28m  56.86m  FOUL  59.63m  60.88m