The University of Victoria 
     Victoria International Track Classic - 6/12/2012 to 6/13/2012      
Event 15  Men Shot Put NTL BC ATH.
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals
  1 Armstrong, Dylan             CANADA                21.50m     21.00m
  2 Chang, Ming-Huang            CHINESE TAIPEI        19.82m     19.96m
  3 Rohde, Justin                CANADA                21.11m     19.71m
  4 Nedow, Tim                   CANADA                19.69m     19.33m
  5 Jun, Zhang                   CHINA                 19.67m     18.91m
  6 Nikfar, Amin                 IRAN                  20.05m     18.90m
  7 Hendry, Tim                  CANADA                18.40m     18.25m