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           Canadian Junior Championships - 7/8/2011 to 7/10/2011            
                         Pan American Junior Trials                         
                                Winnipeg, MB                                
Event 32  Men Triple Jump
         CJR: * 16.44m  8/4/1985    Edrick Floreal                          
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind Points
  1 Muschette, Marvin         92 Supreme Athletics       15.16m   NWI       
     FOUL      FOUL      14.65m(NWI) 15.16m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL             
  2 Jansen, Richard           93 York Univers            13.92m   NWI       
     13.53m(NWI) 13.50m(NWI) 13.41m(NWI) 13.61m(NWI) 13.62m(NWI) 13.92m(NWI)
  3 Yetman, Daniel            92 Halifast Athletics      13.84m   NWI       
     13.54m(NWI) 13.68m(NWI) 13.82m(NWI) 13.84m(NWI) 13.77m(NWI) 13.83m(NWI)
  4 Bednarik, Thomas          93 Windsor Legi            13.78m   NWI       
     13.05m(NWI) 13.34m(NWI) 13.67m(NWI) FOUL      13.40m(NWI) 13.78m(NWI)  
  5 Young, Arren              92 Phoenix Athl            13.75m   NWI       
     FOUL      12.25m(NWI) 13.07m(NWI) 13.45m(NWI) 13.75m(NWI) 13.45m(NWI)  
  6 Flemming, Jahrece         93 University o            13.50m   NWI       
     FOUL      13.50m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      13.19m(NWI) 13.21m(NWI)      
  7 Bell, Riley               94 St. Thomas L            13.46m   NWI       
     13.02m(NWI) FOUL      12.88m(NWI) 13.06m(NWI) 13.46m(NWI) FOUL         
  8 Taylor, Matthew           94 Track North             13.06m   NWI       
     12.96m(NWI) FOUL      13.06m(NWI) 12.75m(NWI) FOUL      12.51m(NWI)    
  9 Choghri, Brandon          93 South Simcoe            12.92m   NWI       
     FOUL      12.88m(NWI) 12.92m(NWI)                                      
 10 Dupuis, Eric              93 Neat                    12.81m   NWI       
     12.81m(NWI) 12.69m(NWI) 12.77m(NWI)                                    
 11 Dinn, Ryan                93 Lakeland Yel            12.44m   NWI       
     12.44m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL                                             
 12 Karidio, Ismael           92 Capital City            12.21m   NWI       
     FOUL      12.21m(NWI) FOUL                                             
 -- Pellett, Cole             92 Saugeen Trac               DNS   NWI