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     2010 Canadian Track and Field Championships - 7/28/2010 to 7/29/2010      
                   Championnats canadiens d'athlétisme 2010                    
                          Varsity Centre, Toronto ON                           
                                 Meet Program                                  
Event 507  Women 800 Meter Run
 Top 5 advances to semis
 4 Boxes - Outside box Noella Klawitter (Para) and guide
 Will run with event 541
  Cdn Senior:  1:58.39  10/2/2001   Diane Cummins                              
    Champ R.:  1:59.46  2004        Diane Cummins                              
  Varsity S.:  2:06.15  2009        Jennifer Kemp                              
       Name                        Year Team                                  
Section 1  Timed Finals
 3-1A  Frost, Lydia                     Charlotte C. T.C                   
 6-1B  Gollish, Sasha                   U of Toronto                       
 9-1C  Hauseman, Jaime                  Upper Waterloo                     
 1-2A  Degaust, Hayley                  Edmonton Thunder                   
 4-2B  Shaw, Angela E.                  Unattached BC                      
 7-2C  Tallman, Emma                    Track North A.C.                   
 2-3A  Drouin-Audet, Catherine          Lanaudiere-O                       
 5-3B  Malleck, Julia                   Ottawa Lions                       
 8-3C  Prud'Homme, Nathalie             C. A. Dynamique